How to Break in a Softball Glove?

If you are trying out softball, chances are that you have bought some sort of softball equipment and may be in need of how to break in a softball glove fast. Before you get too worried about how long it takes to break this down, there is one thing that you should know. Even though it takes quite some time to develop a quality softball glove, there are ways that you can speed up the process.

One of the best ways to get a new softball glove ready to go quickly is to soak it in special vegetable oils. This works on just about any brand or type of softball glove.

This is something that you may have already done for any other type of softball equipment that you have, such as a new cat or a new pitching machine. It is a great way to make sure that the new equipment is ready to go, especially if you are not going to be playing in a tournament for a month or so. Before you put any vegetable oils into the new softball glove, however, there are a few things that you should do.

softball gloves break in

Softball Gloves and Hand Lotions

First of all, you should not use regular hand lotions or conditioners in the pockets of your softball gloves. These are designed for other types of sports and can potentially harm the skin on your hands. Also, you should not use conditioners or hand creams on your new glove when you first take it out of the box. This goes for any other type of softball equipment as well.

After your new glove has been broken in for at least two weeks, you can start to apply the vegetable oil to the palm of your hand and work it in. Make sure that the oils are going to be able to be distributed to the entire length of the palm so that you can get the best results possible. This can be done by lightly rubbing the oil into the hands, working it in, and then lightly rubbing the oil off again so that new oil does not get into the Pocket. You want to do this fast so that you can get the job done faster, which means that you can get the softball glove overnight.

softball gloves how to break in

The key here is to start out with a light application of oil, and to keep applying oil as fast as you possibly can. This is a very simple process that anyone can do and will ensure that your new glove is ready to go long before you actually have to get to a game to play catch. Of course, you will need to allow your glove enough time to break down and dry after each use, and there is nothing worse than having a great glove and no way to wear it. Just make sure that you know how to break in a softball glove overnight so that you can be confident that your new glove is ready to go when you do need to use it.

How to Break in a Softball Glove With a Baseball Glove Mallet

Now if you do not have a softball or a baseball glove mallet, you can also try taking the entire glove and putting it into the toilet bowl. Make sure that you do not get any water inside the toilet bowl or you might end up with a mess. If water gets inside the pocket of the softball, you could ruin a perfectly good gift.

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