What Are Softball Gloves Made Of?

What are softball gloves made of? This is a question that every serious softball player asks themselves, even if they have no intention of ever playing the sport. Without a question, softball is one of the most competitive sports out there today. To play effectively and safely you need the proper equipment. Below we will discuss what materials are typically used in softball gloves.

One of the most durable and long-lasting materials available for glove use is leather. There is nothing quite like a new Wilson A2000 leather glove. Made of rugged Pro Stock leather, this A2000 series glove has been a standard in fastpitch softball for many years.

Wilson A2000 Softball Glove

This 12″ model features a woven web design and double reinforced welting for insane abrasion resistance.

In addition to high performance durability, an A2000 leather glove is also made with additional features to ensure you get the most out of it. A nylon lining adds breath ability to the leather; a PVC lining adds strength. And finally, polyester covers your knuckles. You’ll want one of these because they do a great job of preventing moisture from getting to your skin.

wilson a2000 leather glove

If comfort is your highest priority, there’s still no better choice than genuine leather mitts. Wilson offers two types of glove: elastic Velcro wrist strap mitts and leather mitt with a Velcro wrist strap. While the Velcro wrist strap models are built to be more durable than the wrist strap models, both offer the benefit of an adjustable Velcro strap that can be adjusted to your preference.

The material that is used to make these gloves is of superior quality, and you’ll definitely appreciate its construction. Wilson also offers two types of material on this product: premium grade polyester and standard grade nubuck. Premium grade polyester is what you’ll find in Wilson’s Pro Series line, and it’s used as the exterior shell of their fastpitch softball glove. Standard grade nubuck is what you’ll find inside the insets of the gloves, and this material is much more durable than polyester. It also adds extra strength and durability to what is probably the most used part of your gear.

Comfort Features

If comfort and durability are important to you, then a Wilson Rawlings Speedball Glove should meet your needs. These gloves feature premium leather from hide spots to palm inserts, and an assortment of premium fabric materials including carbon fiber, nylon, and synthetic polyester. For even more value, the Velcro wrist strap has an assortment of hook and loop closures, and a finger guard. You’ll appreciate the fact that the fabric is textured to give you added grip, and the insets have been designed with your preferred stitching colors for that extra custom touch. With all these extra features, what are softball gloves made of will be the most comfortable and durable you can find.

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